Monday, April 19, 2010

Lacey Peach Acrylic Nail Design :]

Hey loves,

I haven't posted a blog in what it feels like a million years! :P Well today I was just relaxing and home, and looking at the blogger: Cynful Nail's pictures I was just itching to do acrylic or gel nails! :P soo i decided to use my handy plastic finger so that I wouldn't have to do a full acrylic set on myself ^^ Here are some pics hehe

The original nail of this plastic finger was soo dingy&short (like my natural nails! LOL ), I added an artificial tip with acrylic overlay over it :D So fun!! had to file a lot and dang do acrylics smell strong! I love doing acrylics, but I think I like gel better because its shinier and I get to use my uv lamp muahaha

Decided to paint on this gorgeous metallic peachy color: OPI- Cosmo Not Tonight Honey!

Decided to add some real lace on it :D the lace has some silver threading which is oh so pretty ^^

Finished look! I added some heart confetti thingys and put them together in the shape of bows :] I <3 bows, they are adorable

This is what happens when I'm bored at home, I still have the urge to do a real persons nails! :P Now I can just remove the nail polish and use that nail to try out different designs since nail designs look soo nice on such long nails ^^ haha its sooo fun to me, idk

-- Lets update you on my life :] well, i definitely have major senioritis= super lazy+ procrastinating when it comes to school work :P I'm really excited for prom, I'm still thinking of a nail design in my head, perhaps I can try it in my nail client: Ms.Plastic Finger? :] haha and a makeup look, ofcourse i'll be updating you guys if i ever decide on what makeup look to do..what else? work is tiring as usual... ahhh i'm so ready to graduate, but i think i'll actually miss high school (maybe). I hope college will be okay, scared to enter this new life- college, dorming, away from home! But I'm going to be positive about it and i'm sure it'll be a positive experience. Hopefully I'll look back to this and call myself silly for being scared, lol Alright loves, tty next time!