Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Small Hello Kitty Necklace Haul

Hey lovelies,

I haven't blogged for a while! aiya, so sorry! :P I've been busy, like usual but I really want to try to blog more regularly! Serious!!!! I don't know if I should blog about my everyday life, or just blog when I have little hauls to show you guys. Anyways, my new fashion video is up: http://www.youtube.com/aiainkiki so you guys should totally check that out :)

So how was my day like today? Woke up at 7:45AM which is way too early for me, I'm not the morning type... LOL, and had 3 classes, luckily in 2 of my classes we watched a movie, so it wasn't as boring as usual. Yup, quite a boring and typical day in the land of the cows.. hehehe...

On with my haul! Today in the mail, I got a nice little package- yay! The stuff I ordered from ebay, I ordered 3 hello kitty necklaces and I'm still waiting for one more, but I was so excited I decided to show you guys right away! <3 Love hello kitty, my obsession is tamed (for now) with these 3, and about to be 4 necklaces.. hehe. I love buying from ebay, they were quite cheap, about $2 each &free shipping.

Photo overload...
my silver hello kitty, it was smaller than I expected, but its okay..
look how shiny it looks! Loving the shinyness <3
My new everyday necklace? Maybe, the chain is pretty short.
This one is like an outline of HK's face, super shiny again, LOVE. this one is like a big pendant on a long chain.

I loved that the necklace came in gold too! so I HAD to get it, so glad I did because I'm obsessed with gold jewelry lately. <3
loveeee <3

Alrightly loves, hope you enjoyed my little haul & update~ until next time...