Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Trend: Orange Lipstick

Hey loves,

Just wanted to post a quick little post about a summer trend I'm loving right now: orange lipstick! I love it- well it looks more like a bright coral, but its a fun twist on the classic red :)
Bold, but not too bold, and can be mixed with pink to be a more soft coral color. ( i love coral!!!)
I'm wearing N.Y.X Round lipstick in Femme with E.L.F. 's studio minty glosses in San Diego.
Whats summer trend are you rockin?

Kathleen ♥

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Review

Hey loves,

I felt like blogging today! So a while back, I got the Hard candy glamoflauge concealer, and I never really did a review on it so I decided to do a quick one here today. It is $6 at walmart which is a super reasonable price, and its supposed to be a very good coverage concealer. I got it online at walmart and there was free shipping too.
I got it in the shade Medium (theres only 3 shades, light medium and dark or something like that) and since I'm an NC25 in MAC, people were saying medium would be a good match. I found it just a tad too dark for me and a tad too olive/yellow toned, so it doesn't exactly match my skin perfectly which disturbs me...
I'm not too happy with that but I'll continue giving it a try. The coverage is very good, the consistency varies. Some days its a kind of thick liquid creamy thing, which I like, and you just need really little or else it'll start looking cakey. Sometimes it comes out as really liquidy oily stuff, so I guess the formula kind of separates which REALLY ticks me off! >:O
Not sure if I should try the lighter shade, it might be too light for me :(
So although I'll keep using this, I definitely reach for my ELF studio concealer (the pencil one with a brush on the other end) which is still my current fave in concealers for acne/ acne scars. This concealer would also probably be good for dark eye circles, but I usually don't conceal my under eye circles because they don't bother me so much. So if I had to rate this I would give it 3 stars at the moment, because the shade doesn't match me and the consistency can be a bit oily sometimes.

--Have you guys ever tried this concealer? What do You think about it? :)

Hope this helped lovelies!

Swatch of concealer, and little pencil concealer that comes with it. See the oily-ness?! Theres like an oil halo around it or something- yuck.

Squeezed out a whole bunch to see if it'll ever become less oily. The middle of the blob is a nice consistency.

Hello yellow! Spread out on my hand, hello oily yellow stuff. Just kidding, if you rub it in, it'll get less oily, and it kind of soaks into your skin, weird I know, but I guess thats better than it looking oily like this all day.

Kathleen ♥