Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Back!

Changed my mind guys, I love blogspot way more than luuux..... luuux is boring (and laggy) , blogspot is way cooler LOL and easier to use! <3 <3 <3

Didya miss me?! hope so, will be back with a new post soon! like tomorrow! <3


Sunday, August 22, 2010

More photoshoot pics + My Giveaway!

Hey loves,

So on like Tuesday, Ally&I took more pics for the store and it was really fun :P So I just wanted to share some more pics with you guys:

and I'm having a sunglasses giveaway on Youtube ! :D its really exciting heheh :

So yeah, this blog was mostly pics hehehe... theres not much that has been going on lately :P I am just lazing around lol, will update more later!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Chill Day with my bestfriend! :]

Hey loves,

So today, my best friend Ally and I (and my dad! lol) went to chinatown& we bought some groceries/snacks. Then we went to my house and cooked food because ally wanted to make "delicious food" LOL. We made burgers with ketchup, pepper jack cheese, and slices of cucumber- yum! Then after that we watched one episode of Weeds, ally said "this show is wrong on so many levels~! " and I found it quite oddly entertaining. After that, ally suggested we take some pictures for our online store (Glam Boutique) outside in my backyard, it was super fun and silly, but we got some nice pictures :] Tomorrow we're going to do another photo shoot re-take in our prom dresses outside because the outdoor scenery is so much lovelier than indoors :]

Some pics from today:


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nail Polish Swatches- Purple Tones

Hey loves, here's the pictures of the Purple Tone Swatches of the video! :]

(Click to view pics even larger)

Colors(Left to Right) :-OPI Mod About You - OPI Panda-Monium Pink - Zoya Heather - OPI Done out in deco - OPI Do You Lilac It


Colors( Left to Right) :- Cosmo Purple Passion - OPI Parlez-vous OPI - Zoya Charity - OPI Meet me on the star ferry - OPI Pink Passion

Colors (Right to Left) : - Zoya Areetha- OPI Purple with a Purpose- OPI Ink- OPI Glow Ink in the dark -OPI Give me the moon

xoxo Enjoy!

Monday, May 31, 2010

More Gel Nails!!

Hey loves,

Yesterday I did my nails! Theyre my favorite nails that I've done so far :] so i used some purple/lavender glitter gel and made it fade into a gradient, then added some hot pink metal roses and swarovski bling all over! :D <3

ALSO, yesterday was a pretty busy day! I helped my friends angela&michelle do their make up n hair for prom :] they looked beautiful! and then after that I had to get ready myself! I got all dressed up and had to rush out the house because my boyfriend, his cousin and oour friend linda was waiting outside my house. My boyfriend's cousin drove us all around and Linda helped me&my boyfriend take pictures with her professional camera! shes so good <3 I loved our photoshoot! We went all around the city and took pics at scenic places, i'll upload some pics when linda sends me them, i'm really excited to see them all! Heres one of them:

My Corsage :]

Heres a pic where you can see my face, I'm eating at The Boulevard with the boyfriend<3 pic is taken by him with my crappy not professional camera. LOL

Saturday, May 15, 2010

NYX Candy Glitter Liners & Summer Trip!

Hey loves,

Today i had work! yuck, but after work my hunnie picked me up and we went to get me some glitter liners wooooo, i wanted a hot pink one for my prom look so yeaaa ^^ hehe and i fell in love with two other colors too! I heard good reviews for these liners so i wanted to try them out for myself :P and i loveee them, glitter is so much fun and so pretty! i love sparkly things :] and we also went to this japanese store called Genki, and i wanted to try out this brand of hair dye called "Palty", its esp. formulated for dark haired ppl (like asians) like MEE! i never could get my hair the shade of light brown that i want! but i'm hoping Palty will give me a nice color, I didn't buy it yet because that store didnt have so many color choices, so i'm going to try another japanese store like ichibankan or something :]

I'm soooooo soooo excited for my L.A. trip with my love and his friends ! we're going to go to magic mountain, disney land, san diego zoo& universal studios! i haven't been to magic mountain or san diego zoo b4 and havent been to the other places for soooo long so i'm really pumped to go, plus i think it'll be a way for me to finally relax and celebrate graduating high school :] i never went on vacation with my boyfriend before so i'm also really excited for that :] maybe i can film some stuff while i'm down on vacation so you guys can see, but his friends might think i'm nuts ! haha :P

Alrighty loves, heres some pics of the NYX candy glitter liners (3 colors: disco queen, hot candy, lavender, ) :

Friday, May 7, 2010

Colored Contacts/ Circle Lenses!

Hey loves,

So recently I got some colored contacts because I really wanted to see how different eye colors looked on me! So i got some from : D' Beauty Shop
The first time I put them on, I freaked out, my eye felt like there was a humongo eyelash in it n it was painful, so i quickly took it out (note that i never wore contacts in my life before!) Then the second time i was more courageous and left the contact in my eye, blinked and teared up for a couple seconds and the pain was gone :] so its really just a habit of getting used to the feeling. Also i make sure i clean the lenses everytime i wear them and wash my hands before i put my contacts on because i don't want to risk an eye infection! :P
All in all, i really like these color contacts! they are sooo pretty and really enhances my eyes <3 yayyy now which one to wear to prom? LOL i want to wear purple ones for sure but i just dont know which pair :]

Alrighty, time to put LOTS of pics up for you guys <3 Get ready for pics OVERLOAD :]...
1. Geo Honey Wing Violet

2. Geo Tri Color Violet

3. Geo Tri Color Brown

Alrighty loves, that is the end of pics overload :D heehee.. theres gonna be a video up soon on my youtube that i talk more about the lenses and you can see them on video+ MORE pics overloading! woooooo <3 alright guys talk to you later!!