Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gel Nails!

Hey guys,

So last night I tried doing gel nails for the first time !! :D 3 hours of doing my nails and finally i'm satisfied with my results. It takes a lot of time, patience and precision but I like gel nails a lot more than acrylics just because they're shinier, last longer, and easier to fix if you make a mistake (since acrylics will dry fairly quickly, but gel nails are manageable because the consistency is a bit like honey and it levels and smooths out pretty well , they wont harden until you put them under the UV lamp.) I decided to do a multi-glitter tip with some bling and flower stickers :] I've had gel nails done on me before and I know they last like 1month+, its crazy. ;D its my one year anniversary and I wanted to make my nails nice, plus all the supplies were part of my early anniversary present from my boyfriend ;D the nail stickers&gel were given to my by the company to review, and I like them soooo much !

Nails in the making...

My awesome 36-watt uv lamp with automatic sensors & timer The Gels I used to make this design :]

the nail stickers are 3d and come with bling!!
you can really see it sparkle when its blurry :P

The finsihed product! <3

Definately worth the 3 hrs or something, but it wuldnt have taken 3 hours if i weren't chatting on AIM or watching youtube in the process :P I'll update on how long they last, but i'm pretty sure they'll last a while ^^ if you guys want to know where i got all my supplies: .


Monday, December 14, 2009

christmas is coming!

Hey guys,

Yay, my table looks a lot more festive now :] I got a bit teary when I thought that I had no christmas tree to decorate but my boyfriend decided to buy me this mini desktop tree ;D at borders (and my hello kitty coin bank) . hehe and they sell mini ornaments and beaded links too! when he saw that it was pink and metallic- he knew I would love it, plus i was right there with this expression " :O! " on my face, HAHA.
I hope everyone is doing well, my orthodontist says I will be able to get my braces off around Feb-March! I'm so excited! I've been shopping shopping shopping lately, and going clothes and makeup crazy :X, I'm going to try out MAC and Urban Decay - finally some high end brand make up, but still they are sooo expensive...
ok! will update more later onnn !


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Haven't Made a new Post in a While...

Hey guys :] ,

I know I haven't blogged in a while...yawn life has just been so busy lately, its crazy :[ College applications and SAT has taken over my life but thank god its all over now! :] time to wait and see if I get accepted ^^ omg i have to take out my wisdom teeth! like mayb over winter break :[

anyways.. I'll try to post more blogs up soon! Its going to be me& my boyfriend's one year anniversary on 12/24! so i'll definitely post up some pictures of that day and (hopefully) a video too! but my bf is shy... or so he says- LOL

also -- coming up i'm going to have a mac haul, OPI nail polish haul, and gel nails haul and maybe i'll post up some pictures of that like swatches, possibly :] Also wanna do a haul on the presents me&my boyfriend get eachother :D heheh i've already bought one present but i'm waiting for it to be delivered so i'll take some pics or something when I get it ! okay i'll update more laterrr