Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mini Haul

Hey guys <3 ,

So today was a typical boring day at school :[ i fell asleep in my physio class for like 10 minutes and i swear i like drooled on myself or something! good thing no one saw^^ LOL anyways, after that i went DT with chen ally and we got our A-list gift, it was cute ;] then i went to my favorite little variety shop on clement that sells some of the awesome-est make up, eyelashes, nail stuff, jewelery etc. I wanted to show you guys what i bought :] my total was about $20 (including the socks and stickers my boyfriend wanted LOL -not included in picture) :P

some clear nail rhinestones :] i can never get enough!

i love these cute earrings, they look so classy& expensive (but they were totally not expensive :P) bring on the bling!

these reminded me of seastars!!! and i love the rainbowy rhinestones all over it ! too cute :]

i love pink, i love flowers, and i love rhinestones!

i'm starting to get into false lashes now, i love them since i dont like wearing mascara too much because its too hard to remove, so false lashes make me feel glamorous ;]

Thats all to my mini mini haul :]


Monday, October 5, 2009

My First Post !

Hey guys, yay my first blog :]
how excitingggg, wheww i'm tired,
time to study for a physiology test tomorrow,
yes I'm a professional at procrastinating but yeaa !

--will update on things later, my blog looked so empty without a post ;]

<3 ,