Friday, December 16, 2011

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips and Lots of Lashes

Hey loves,

Today I have a couple of new products and swatches to share with you! I got to try out the Maybelline Babylips lip balm and their lots of lashes mascara through It's a website where people have the chance to review new products and give their honest opinion about it. Everyone can join :)

Anyways, back to the review. Lets start with the Babylips lipbalm.
It has SPF 20, which to me is a major plus because I am always concerned about protecting my lips from sun damage. But I love that it also has a tint to it so that I can protect my lips while giving my lips some fun color! When applied to the lips, you can apply one layer for a really sheer tint, or apply multiple layers (its quite buildable) so that the tint is more obvious. What I like about applying multiple layers is that it makes your lips look shiny, almost like you're wearing a lip gloss (you'll see that it's shiny in my swatches). I love how pigmented these lip balms can be. Of course they won't be as pigmented as lipsticks, but it can give your lips a pretty red or hot pink tint, depending on the color of the lip balm. These lipbalms last about 1-2hours on my lips which I think is pretty average. However, I feel that when it wears off, my lips don't feel super moisturized, I actually like wearing my Jack Black lip balm first, and then applying these babylip lipbalms over it (to give my lips extra moisture-because they need it! and also sometimes the corners of my lips get dry and I can't really put tinted lip balm there or else I'd look a bit crazy.)
Overall, I liked these lip balms and I think they're really fun!

Here are the swatches (when I swatched it on my hand, I swiped it back and forth a couple of times, so its more pigmented):

Cherry me smells just like cherry popsicles. On the lips, its not a true red, but more of a reddish pink. These lip balms are sheer, but do give you color.

Kind of smells like strawberry candy. Gives a great hot pink lips look.

Smells like peach candy ish. This one actually has some shimmers in it, which I'm not too big of a fan of. It does give a good nude lip look though. Perfect for pairing with your favorite smokey eye look!

Next up, we have the Maybelline Lots of lashes mascara. What's unique about this mascara is the brush. Its a smaller, kind of triangular shaped brush that is supposed to be able to reach every lash. I do find this brush a little easier to use because it is smaller than usual, but not extremely more easy than other mascaras I've used. Applying mascara to me is still difficult..and I can never apply mascara without getting it on my eyelid...grrr. The formula is pretty wet, but not too wet, which is nice. However, after a couple of coats, it can start looking clumpy. Overall, I think this mascara is average. My lashes are short, stubby, and sparse unfortunately, so it takes a LOT for me to LOVE a mascara. In order for me to love a mascara, it must be extremely volumizing, somewhat lengthening, and somewhat defining, with not too much clumping. So maybe I just have very high standards. For someone who already has long lush lashes, you might really like this mascara. It does volumize and define my lashes, but it is not anything spectacular or to rave about. It doesn't flake or smudge on me. Overall, I like this mascara, but it is just average.

Before and After Pics:

Before: Short, stubby, lashes. After:Lashes aren't amazing, but darker, more defined, and at least more visible.

Alright lovelies, hope you enjoyed this review and hope it helped you out! Until next tme...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dupe for the Naked Palette? N.Y.X. Nude on Nude

Hey loves,

So I am pretty obsessed with the naked palette, initially I was like eh w/e neutral palette eh. but then I saw it in stores... and uh I kinda fell in LOVE!!! I finally placed my order on Sephora and got it because dammit- life is short! LOL ...and I'm a shopaholic :( Okay, no more makeup for a while for me...... cause I broke and that aint no joke. Ok ok ok getting on with my post here, I got the NYX nude on nude palette because it totally is a dupe/ reminds me of the Naked palette, and my lovely friend Alyssa has the naked palette so I used hers t compare to my N.Y.X. one. I got this palette from and thats a site that sells discounted NYX stuff.
-- In comparison, I do think the nude on nude looks kind of similar to the naked, there are some colors that look the same, but the nude on nude is lacking a couple key colors that I love from the naked palette- thus I had to get the naked palette ~ LOL. The colors I feel like were missing that I loved from the Naked palette is :
- Sin (Pretty light pink silvery shimmer color, though the nude on nude has a pink peachy color, its not the same!)
- Half Baked (gold) & Smog (coppery gold brown), though there is a coppery brown in there and a gold in the nude on nude, the copper is a bit too light, and the gold is too yellow.
- Toasted (brown with a hint of magenta tone in it) no color like this in the nude on nude
- Buck (matte warm dark/medium brown) no color like this in the nude on nude
* In terms of pigmentation, the nude on nude has good pigmentation, though not as soft as urban decay, but still very nice.
Overall, if you can't afford the naked, this would be a good replacement. It also has a bottom compartment that has lipglosses!! :) and its half the price of the Naked palette, but for me, I'd still want the naked... lol
Hope this is helpful lovelies! (Click on the pics if you wanna see them bigger)
♥ I also have a video on this so look below for the vid! :)

Naked (top) vs. Nude on Nude (bottom)

Swatches of the first row of the Nude on Nude

Swatches of the 2nd row of Nude on Nude


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Trend: Orange Lipstick

Hey loves,

Just wanted to post a quick little post about a summer trend I'm loving right now: orange lipstick! I love it- well it looks more like a bright coral, but its a fun twist on the classic red :)
Bold, but not too bold, and can be mixed with pink to be a more soft coral color. ( i love coral!!!)
I'm wearing N.Y.X Round lipstick in Femme with E.L.F. 's studio minty glosses in San Diego.
Whats summer trend are you rockin?

Kathleen ♥

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Review

Hey loves,

I felt like blogging today! So a while back, I got the Hard candy glamoflauge concealer, and I never really did a review on it so I decided to do a quick one here today. It is $6 at walmart which is a super reasonable price, and its supposed to be a very good coverage concealer. I got it online at walmart and there was free shipping too.
I got it in the shade Medium (theres only 3 shades, light medium and dark or something like that) and since I'm an NC25 in MAC, people were saying medium would be a good match. I found it just a tad too dark for me and a tad too olive/yellow toned, so it doesn't exactly match my skin perfectly which disturbs me...
I'm not too happy with that but I'll continue giving it a try. The coverage is very good, the consistency varies. Some days its a kind of thick liquid creamy thing, which I like, and you just need really little or else it'll start looking cakey. Sometimes it comes out as really liquidy oily stuff, so I guess the formula kind of separates which REALLY ticks me off! >:O
Not sure if I should try the lighter shade, it might be too light for me :(
So although I'll keep using this, I definitely reach for my ELF studio concealer (the pencil one with a brush on the other end) which is still my current fave in concealers for acne/ acne scars. This concealer would also probably be good for dark eye circles, but I usually don't conceal my under eye circles because they don't bother me so much. So if I had to rate this I would give it 3 stars at the moment, because the shade doesn't match me and the consistency can be a bit oily sometimes.

--Have you guys ever tried this concealer? What do You think about it? :)

Hope this helped lovelies!

Swatch of concealer, and little pencil concealer that comes with it. See the oily-ness?! Theres like an oil halo around it or something- yuck.

Squeezed out a whole bunch to see if it'll ever become less oily. The middle of the blob is a nice consistency.

Hello yellow! Spread out on my hand, hello oily yellow stuff. Just kidding, if you rub it in, it'll get less oily, and it kind of soaks into your skin, weird I know, but I guess thats better than it looking oily like this all day.

Kathleen ♥

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Small Hello Kitty Necklace Haul

Hey lovelies,

I haven't blogged for a while! aiya, so sorry! :P I've been busy, like usual but I really want to try to blog more regularly! Serious!!!! I don't know if I should blog about my everyday life, or just blog when I have little hauls to show you guys. Anyways, my new fashion video is up: so you guys should totally check that out :)

So how was my day like today? Woke up at 7:45AM which is way too early for me, I'm not the morning type... LOL, and had 3 classes, luckily in 2 of my classes we watched a movie, so it wasn't as boring as usual. Yup, quite a boring and typical day in the land of the cows.. hehehe...

On with my haul! Today in the mail, I got a nice little package- yay! The stuff I ordered from ebay, I ordered 3 hello kitty necklaces and I'm still waiting for one more, but I was so excited I decided to show you guys right away! <3 Love hello kitty, my obsession is tamed (for now) with these 3, and about to be 4 necklaces.. hehe. I love buying from ebay, they were quite cheap, about $2 each &free shipping.

Photo overload...
my silver hello kitty, it was smaller than I expected, but its okay..
look how shiny it looks! Loving the shinyness <3
My new everyday necklace? Maybe, the chain is pretty short.
This one is like an outline of HK's face, super shiny again, LOVE. this one is like a big pendant on a long chain.

I loved that the necklace came in gold too! so I HAD to get it, so glad I did because I'm obsessed with gold jewelry lately. <3
loveeee <3

Alrightly loves, hope you enjoyed my little haul & update~ until next time...


Friday, March 4, 2011

Exciting News!!

Hey loves,

I have super exciting news! I'm officially a Claire's style blogger for the month of March!!

I can't believe it, I'm so happy to have gotten this opportunity, and I can't thank you guys enough for your support <3 I would have never imagined being able to be a part of the Claire's website :)Its still pretty surreal to me, kind of like a dream come true- wish it lasted longer than a month, But its okay! I'll have so much fun and cherish every day that I get to be a style blogger :)
I'll be posting up fashion blog posts every day of March on Claire's website so make sure you guys go check that out if you want.

Thanks so much for reading! Remember girls, stay confident, you’re beautiful, and I love you all! (I hope that made you guys smile because making someone smile or just simply smiling at another person can really make our day so much happier and positive! Plus, I mean it! You are all amazing and beautiful; don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. )


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free Hello Kitty Nail Stamping Plate !

Hey loves,

Happy 2011, I know I'm a little late, but because I love you guys I wanted to share with you an awesome deal !

Just wanted to let you guys know of a awesome deal / offer/ coupon code because I know we all love to save money and get free stuff!

Use the coupon code : BP299

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for free! like totally free, you don't even have to pay shipping! <3
Not sure how long this deal is going on until, but hopefully you all can get one :D

I'll be back with another post in the future, until next time...

xoxo, <3,