Friday, January 29, 2010


Hey guys,

So today i bought my prom dress! online! ...welll actually my boyfriend bought it for me :P
Its a gorgeous jessica mcclintock gown that is fuschia <3 oh how i love it so! i've seen it in person in gold and I thought it looked like belle's dress from beauty and the beast :P But I found it on line and i had to get it! I'm really excited to get it in the mail and try it on, and i'll definately take more pics to show you guys !

....but I dont know if another dress might just catch my eye! i know this red dress i've tried on i really fell in love with, but PINK~ i love it. i really hope it looks good on me :T
we will see...but for now, this is my princess gown :] <3


Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Cousins Wedding :D

Hey guys,

Yesterday I went to my cousin, Chi's wedding and I just wanted to show you my dress and makeup for that day :] It was really fun, and my auntie who was the MC is always so hilarious and good at entertaining us. She would make the bride and groom play games but too bad the bride was really shy and did not really seem to enthusiastic about playing the games but she went along with it :] Also she knows how to sing, her voice is so cute and she brought a long a guy singer whose voice is quite nice as well, he was supposed to translate the chinese she says to english but he was pretty bad at it LOL :P

Oh weddings, it makes me dream of own wedding!! LOL i love weddings :] I wonder how mine will be like... I want it to be really nice and pretty! and take a lot of pretty pictures with like 4 photographers following us around... but i know i'll be enthusiastic for sure and sing some karaoke for my guest :P hehehe...

My dress from Macys :]

A sneak peek at a picture of me modeling Sophia's Jewelery :] (and a closer view at my make up ) <-- her website ^^


Monday, January 18, 2010

OPI nail polishes and ZOYA!

Hey guys,

Today my boyfriend and I went to see the movie : The Spy Next Door! I thought it would be really corny and boring but it was actually hilarious. I love Jackie Chan. LOL
We went to my OPI store (thats wht I call the beauty supply store I go to because thats where I get all my OPI nail polishes and other polishes too :D ) and I saw they have ZOYA nail polishes now! I was so excited because I've heard of Zoya but never purchased it because the OPI store didn't sell them. I was soo happy but too bad they didnt have any Zoya nail polishes from their Matte collection, I wanted to try matte nailpolishes but oh welll its okay.

Without Flash

Colors From Left to Right : OPI Absolutely Alice- beautiful glittery blue , OPI Mad as a Hatter- multicolor glitter, ZOYA Freja- gunmetal grey, ZOYA Ki- grey with a green and purple sheen, ZOYA Heather- the perfect pale pastel lilac purple color i've been craving for the longest time<3!, ZOYA Charity-mauve greyish purply pink, ZOYA Anastasia- burgandy with shimmering gold and magenta sheen

With Flash

Close up of ZOYA Ki, Heather (looks white but its not, the flash just makes it look way too pale), Charity and Anastasia

Close up of OPI Absolutely Alice,OPI Mad as a Hatter, ZOYA Freja

Couldn't wait so I used Absolutely Alice and did french tips with them at the theater when waiting for my dad to pick me up ^^ I might do a quick little haul video on these nail polishes on Youtube if I have time so maybe you guys can get a better look at them :D