Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dupe for the Naked Palette? N.Y.X. Nude on Nude

Hey loves,

So I am pretty obsessed with the naked palette, initially I was like eh w/e neutral palette eh. but then I saw it in stores... and uh I kinda fell in LOVE!!! I finally placed my order on Sephora and got it because dammit- life is short! LOL ...and I'm a shopaholic :( Okay, no more makeup for a while for me...... cause I broke and that aint no joke. Ok ok ok getting on with my post here, I got the NYX nude on nude palette because it totally is a dupe/ reminds me of the Naked palette, and my lovely friend Alyssa has the naked palette so I used hers t compare to my N.Y.X. one. I got this palette from www.porkdaisy.com and thats a site that sells discounted NYX stuff.
-- In comparison, I do think the nude on nude looks kind of similar to the naked, there are some colors that look the same, but the nude on nude is lacking a couple key colors that I love from the naked palette- thus I had to get the naked palette ~ LOL. The colors I feel like were missing that I loved from the Naked palette is :
- Sin (Pretty light pink silvery shimmer color, though the nude on nude has a pink peachy color, its not the same!)
- Half Baked (gold) & Smog (coppery gold brown), though there is a coppery brown in there and a gold in the nude on nude, the copper is a bit too light, and the gold is too yellow.
- Toasted (brown with a hint of magenta tone in it) no color like this in the nude on nude
- Buck (matte warm dark/medium brown) no color like this in the nude on nude
* In terms of pigmentation, the nude on nude has good pigmentation, though not as soft as urban decay, but still very nice.
Overall, if you can't afford the naked, this would be a good replacement. It also has a bottom compartment that has lipglosses!! :) and its half the price of the Naked palette, but for me, I'd still want the naked... lol
Hope this is helpful lovelies! (Click on the pics if you wanna see them bigger)
♥ I also have a video on this so look below for the vid! :)

Naked (top) vs. Nude on Nude (bottom)

Swatches of the first row of the Nude on Nude

Swatches of the 2nd row of Nude on Nude