Friday, December 16, 2011

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips and Lots of Lashes

Hey loves,

Today I have a couple of new products and swatches to share with you! I got to try out the Maybelline Babylips lip balm and their lots of lashes mascara through It's a website where people have the chance to review new products and give their honest opinion about it. Everyone can join :)

Anyways, back to the review. Lets start with the Babylips lipbalm.
It has SPF 20, which to me is a major plus because I am always concerned about protecting my lips from sun damage. But I love that it also has a tint to it so that I can protect my lips while giving my lips some fun color! When applied to the lips, you can apply one layer for a really sheer tint, or apply multiple layers (its quite buildable) so that the tint is more obvious. What I like about applying multiple layers is that it makes your lips look shiny, almost like you're wearing a lip gloss (you'll see that it's shiny in my swatches). I love how pigmented these lip balms can be. Of course they won't be as pigmented as lipsticks, but it can give your lips a pretty red or hot pink tint, depending on the color of the lip balm. These lipbalms last about 1-2hours on my lips which I think is pretty average. However, I feel that when it wears off, my lips don't feel super moisturized, I actually like wearing my Jack Black lip balm first, and then applying these babylip lipbalms over it (to give my lips extra moisture-because they need it! and also sometimes the corners of my lips get dry and I can't really put tinted lip balm there or else I'd look a bit crazy.)
Overall, I liked these lip balms and I think they're really fun!

Here are the swatches (when I swatched it on my hand, I swiped it back and forth a couple of times, so its more pigmented):

Cherry me smells just like cherry popsicles. On the lips, its not a true red, but more of a reddish pink. These lip balms are sheer, but do give you color.

Kind of smells like strawberry candy. Gives a great hot pink lips look.

Smells like peach candy ish. This one actually has some shimmers in it, which I'm not too big of a fan of. It does give a good nude lip look though. Perfect for pairing with your favorite smokey eye look!

Next up, we have the Maybelline Lots of lashes mascara. What's unique about this mascara is the brush. Its a smaller, kind of triangular shaped brush that is supposed to be able to reach every lash. I do find this brush a little easier to use because it is smaller than usual, but not extremely more easy than other mascaras I've used. Applying mascara to me is still difficult..and I can never apply mascara without getting it on my eyelid...grrr. The formula is pretty wet, but not too wet, which is nice. However, after a couple of coats, it can start looking clumpy. Overall, I think this mascara is average. My lashes are short, stubby, and sparse unfortunately, so it takes a LOT for me to LOVE a mascara. In order for me to love a mascara, it must be extremely volumizing, somewhat lengthening, and somewhat defining, with not too much clumping. So maybe I just have very high standards. For someone who already has long lush lashes, you might really like this mascara. It does volumize and define my lashes, but it is not anything spectacular or to rave about. It doesn't flake or smudge on me. Overall, I like this mascara, but it is just average.

Before and After Pics:

Before: Short, stubby, lashes. After:Lashes aren't amazing, but darker, more defined, and at least more visible.

Alright lovelies, hope you enjoyed this review and hope it helped you out! Until next tme...