Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Fashion: Florals and A-line Dresses

Hey loves,

I finally uploaded my spring fashion video! Watch here:

I named this "Part 1" because I have so many more outfits in store for you guys, which will appear in future videos :) I wanted to do something different this time, so instead of talking, I just did all music, and did some different editing effects. What do you guys think? I'd love to know.

I wanted to post some pictures that I took while making this video, and I had so much fun using the self-timer function on my camera.. (partly sarcastic because it's so difficult taking pictures of myself! but I did have fun nonetheless..)

The Chuti Cream Floral Cardi, makes any outfit look spring! Love pairing my red belt with neutrals/pastels, it really gives it a pop of color.

The lovely Gemma Dress from (Got this in a size small and it fits wonderfully! The bust is a tad big, but I don't mind it too much)
Vila Tanko Red dress (also got a size Small), I like how it's a thick cotton material, that gives it some structure.