Friday, February 24, 2012

Zoya 2012 True & Fleck Effect Collection Swatches

Hi lovelies,

Today I have swatches of Zoya's 2012 spring collections: True and Fleck Effect.
I am so excited to share these swatches with you guys and I hope you find it helpful! :)

Zoya True Collection: described as "A fresh bloom of dewy color. Inspired by the runway looks of top designersthis collection features slightly muted and unexpected spring shades in six easy to wear, full-coverage creams and metallics."
- Definitely a twist to the classic bright colors you'd see for spring, I am really loving the muted tones in this collection.
Bevin: a pale sage green creme (has a muted look to it, one of my favorites!)

Cho: a beige color with very fine silver shimmers, I thought I wouldn't like this, but once it was on my nails, I liked it! The shimmer is very subtle but it's a nice touch.
hopefully you can see the fine shimmers in this close up.

Farah: beige creme, looks really similar to Cho, but without the shimmers.

Lotus: greyish purple with fine magenta shimmers, love this one! The magenta shimmers give dimension to the pretty purple polish. Another one of my favorites in this collection.
hopefully you can see the shimmers better here.

Tru: purple, has more of a magenta tone in it with reddish golden shimmers. This one is super pretty- love! The shimmers are more noticeable in Tru than in Lotus.

Bevin: Greyish Blue with tons of silver shimmers, really pretty!

Overall, I really enjoyed the True collection, the formula was really easy to work with, one or two coats will be opaque enough.

Next... we have the Fleck Effect Collection! What can I say.. I LOVE my flakies! Flakie polishes are just so pretty and glittery and everything good.. well except for the removal...
I am so glad Zoya came out with these flakie polishes because they are different from the usual flakies such as Sally hansen hidden treasure or essie's shine of the times. (comparisons below)

With these polishes, you could wear it alone, but I think it looks so much better and vibrant when worn layered over another polish.

Chloe: pink jelly polish with green and gold mylar flakes

Maisie: blue jelly polish with green mylar flakes

-I didn't swatch Opal, which is a green jelly with green flakes because it looks basically the same on as Maisie (the green tint isn't too noticeable, but may change the tone of some polishes if you're layering it)
From Left to right: Opal, Maisie, Chloe, Essie- Shine of the Times
layered over a deep black plum polish.

-Opal and Maisie both have the same colored flecks, and the flakes change from green/blue, I really like it!
- Chloe looks similar to Essie shine of the times, but has some small green flakes too, which is unique, I like how the green gives it even more dimension and color(shine of the times only has golden flakes). The golden flakes change from magenta/orange/gold/green.

Overall, I really enjoyed the fleck effect collection as well, I would say you don't need both opal and maisie, just choose one depending on if you like green or blue polishes more.

Hope the swatches were helpful, and I tried to photograph them as accurate to the color as possible. Thanks for reading!
Until next time..

Kathleen ♥