Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Cousins Wedding :D

Hey guys,

Yesterday I went to my cousin, Chi's wedding and I just wanted to show you my dress and makeup for that day :] It was really fun, and my auntie who was the MC is always so hilarious and good at entertaining us. She would make the bride and groom play games but too bad the bride was really shy and did not really seem to enthusiastic about playing the games but she went along with it :] Also she knows how to sing, her voice is so cute and she brought a long a guy singer whose voice is quite nice as well, he was supposed to translate the chinese she says to english but he was pretty bad at it LOL :P

Oh weddings, it makes me dream of own wedding!! LOL i love weddings :] I wonder how mine will be like... I want it to be really nice and pretty! and take a lot of pretty pictures with like 4 photographers following us around... but i know i'll be enthusiastic for sure and sing some karaoke for my guest :P hehehe...

My dress from Macys :]

A sneak peek at a picture of me modeling Sophia's Jewelery :] (and a closer view at my make up ) <-- her website ^^


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