Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mini Haul

Hey guys <3 ,

So today was a typical boring day at school :[ i fell asleep in my physio class for like 10 minutes and i swear i like drooled on myself or something! good thing no one saw^^ LOL anyways, after that i went DT with chen ally and we got our A-list gift, it was cute ;] then i went to my favorite little variety shop on clement that sells some of the awesome-est make up, eyelashes, nail stuff, jewelery etc. I wanted to show you guys what i bought :] my total was about $20 (including the socks and stickers my boyfriend wanted LOL -not included in picture) :P

some clear nail rhinestones :] i can never get enough!

i love these cute earrings, they look so classy& expensive (but they were totally not expensive :P) bring on the bling!

these reminded me of seastars!!! and i love the rainbowy rhinestones all over it ! too cute :]

i love pink, i love flowers, and i love rhinestones!

i'm starting to get into false lashes now, i love them since i dont like wearing mascara too much because its too hard to remove, so false lashes make me feel glamorous ;]

Thats all to my mini mini haul :]



  1. What brand falsies did you get? I'm on the lookout for korean falsies (I hear the quality is good) but aren't able to find any. :( And hahah, I have physiology too and fall asleep in it all the time >_< I hate it

  2. hey hun, my lashes acutally dont have a brand at all! O_O it says made in indonesia LOL >< i know thats not much help at all! (if u lived in SF i'd totally tell you which store to go to!! :] ) u should try ebay if you havent already, i've seen a lot of gurus on Youtube using lashes they've bought from ebay and they might be made in china- i'm not quite sure but they look really nice :]

  3. Hi Kathleen!

    When you say you get them on Clement, do you mean in SF? I'm in SF too! Which shop is it? Super cute buys... luv the pink earrings!

  4. Woohoo I'm gonna check out the store this weekend and do some xmas shopping! Thanks for the info!