Monday, December 14, 2009

christmas is coming!

Hey guys,

Yay, my table looks a lot more festive now :] I got a bit teary when I thought that I had no christmas tree to decorate but my boyfriend decided to buy me this mini desktop tree ;D at borders (and my hello kitty coin bank) . hehe and they sell mini ornaments and beaded links too! when he saw that it was pink and metallic- he knew I would love it, plus i was right there with this expression " :O! " on my face, HAHA.
I hope everyone is doing well, my orthodontist says I will be able to get my braces off around Feb-March! I'm so excited! I've been shopping shopping shopping lately, and going clothes and makeup crazy :X, I'm going to try out MAC and Urban Decay - finally some high end brand make up, but still they are sooo expensive...
ok! will update more later onnn !


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