Saturday, May 15, 2010

NYX Candy Glitter Liners & Summer Trip!

Hey loves,

Today i had work! yuck, but after work my hunnie picked me up and we went to get me some glitter liners wooooo, i wanted a hot pink one for my prom look so yeaaa ^^ hehe and i fell in love with two other colors too! I heard good reviews for these liners so i wanted to try them out for myself :P and i loveee them, glitter is so much fun and so pretty! i love sparkly things :] and we also went to this japanese store called Genki, and i wanted to try out this brand of hair dye called "Palty", its esp. formulated for dark haired ppl (like asians) like MEE! i never could get my hair the shade of light brown that i want! but i'm hoping Palty will give me a nice color, I didn't buy it yet because that store didnt have so many color choices, so i'm going to try another japanese store like ichibankan or something :]

I'm soooooo soooo excited for my L.A. trip with my love and his friends ! we're going to go to magic mountain, disney land, san diego zoo& universal studios! i haven't been to magic mountain or san diego zoo b4 and havent been to the other places for soooo long so i'm really pumped to go, plus i think it'll be a way for me to finally relax and celebrate graduating high school :] i never went on vacation with my boyfriend before so i'm also really excited for that :] maybe i can film some stuff while i'm down on vacation so you guys can see, but his friends might think i'm nuts ! haha :P

Alrighty loves, heres some pics of the NYX candy glitter liners (3 colors: disco queen, hot candy, lavender, ) :

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