Monday, May 31, 2010

More Gel Nails!!

Hey loves,

Yesterday I did my nails! Theyre my favorite nails that I've done so far :] so i used some purple/lavender glitter gel and made it fade into a gradient, then added some hot pink metal roses and swarovski bling all over! :D <3

ALSO, yesterday was a pretty busy day! I helped my friends angela&michelle do their make up n hair for prom :] they looked beautiful! and then after that I had to get ready myself! I got all dressed up and had to rush out the house because my boyfriend, his cousin and oour friend linda was waiting outside my house. My boyfriend's cousin drove us all around and Linda helped me&my boyfriend take pictures with her professional camera! shes so good <3 I loved our photoshoot! We went all around the city and took pics at scenic places, i'll upload some pics when linda sends me them, i'm really excited to see them all! Heres one of them:

My Corsage :]

Heres a pic where you can see my face, I'm eating at The Boulevard with the boyfriend<3 pic is taken by him with my crappy not professional camera. LOL


  1. Kathleen, you look so cute! Does your prom not serve dinner? Most of our proms here are at hotels and there is buffet dinner. Hope you had lots of fun with the bf and friends!
    BTW love the nails!!

  2. YOU ARE SO PRETTY! the pictures must be amazing. cant wait to see more! I love gel nails too.. but havent done it for awhile since im back to the states.. i feel like their techniques are not as good. yours look so pretty. i like the combination of the roses and shimmers and colorss arh its so cute <3

  3. thank you dear! It does not, only desserts! Your proms sound wonderful ! :]

  4. love love the nails :) soooo pretty :) you look really pretty :D