Friday, May 7, 2010

Colored Contacts/ Circle Lenses!

Hey loves,

So recently I got some colored contacts because I really wanted to see how different eye colors looked on me! So i got some from : D' Beauty Shop
The first time I put them on, I freaked out, my eye felt like there was a humongo eyelash in it n it was painful, so i quickly took it out (note that i never wore contacts in my life before!) Then the second time i was more courageous and left the contact in my eye, blinked and teared up for a couple seconds and the pain was gone :] so its really just a habit of getting used to the feeling. Also i make sure i clean the lenses everytime i wear them and wash my hands before i put my contacts on because i don't want to risk an eye infection! :P
All in all, i really like these color contacts! they are sooo pretty and really enhances my eyes <3 yayyy now which one to wear to prom? LOL i want to wear purple ones for sure but i just dont know which pair :]

Alrighty, time to put LOTS of pics up for you guys <3 Get ready for pics OVERLOAD :]...
1. Geo Honey Wing Violet

2. Geo Tri Color Violet

3. Geo Tri Color Brown

Alrighty loves, that is the end of pics overload :D heehee.. theres gonna be a video up soon on my youtube that i talk more about the lenses and you can see them on video+ MORE pics overloading! woooooo <3 alright guys talk to you later!!


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