Thursday, September 19, 2013

Milani ColorStatement Lipsticks (Naturals & Browns Colors)

Hey loves,

Today I will be showing you swatches of Milani's Colorstatement Lipsticks in the shade range: Naturals and Browns. These colors are more everyday colors that I feel would be suitable for school or work. The Milani Colorstatement lipsticks come in the shade ranges of: Plums & Berries, Naturals & Browns, Pinks & Corals, and Oranges & Reds.

Please see my blog posts on the other shade ranges:
Oranges & Reds

Left to Right: Naturally Chic, Nude Creme, Dulce Caramello, Teddy Bare, Candied Toffees
Left to Right: Bronze Beauty, D'oro, Chocolate Berries, Double Espresso

Now onto the swatches! Here are the swatches of the natural pink colors:
Indirect lighting, Left to Right: Naturally Chic, Nude Creme, Dulce Caramello, Teddy Bare, Candied Toffees

Indirect sunlight. L-R: Naturally Chic, Nude Creme, Dulce Caramello, Teddy Bare, Candied Toffees

Left to Right: Naturally Chic, Nude Creme, Dulce Caramello
- Naturally Chic: Cream finish. Typical pink leaning brown shade, (my lips but better color). A nice neutral pink to give some color to your lips. 
- Nude Creme: Cream finish. Nude shade with pink tones in it. Good for achieving a nude lip look. 
- Dulce Caramello: Pearl finish. Nude mauve shade with a frosted finish. Has fine silver shimmers throughout.

L-R: Teddy Bare, Candied Toffees
- Teddy Bare: Cream finish. Mauve shade with lots of brown in it. Very Fall appropriate. 
- Candied Toffees: Metallic finish. Also a Mauve with lots of brown in it, with tons of silver and bronze shimmers throughout. 

And here are the swatches for the Brown shades:

Indirect sunlight- look at those shimmers! Left to Right: Bronze Beauty, D'oro, Chocolate Berries, Double Espresso 
Left to Right: Bronze Beauty, D'oro, Chocolate Berries, Double Espresso

Left to Right: Bronze Beauty, D'oro
- Bronze Beauty: Shimmer finish. Rose gold shade with lots of golden shimmers throughout- gives off a lovely golden sheen. 
- D'oro: Metallic finish. Copper shade with lots of golden shimmers throughout, also gives off a pretty golden sheen.
 As you guys know, I don't really like shimmery/ frosty/ metallic lipsticks, so I didn't particularly like these shades. Also I felt like these shades were not very wearable alone, esp. D'oro since its a copper shade. I think perhaps these are meant for layering- so you wear a lip color under (such as a pink color) and then you dab these in the middle of your lips to reflect light and give it a sheen which makes your lips look fuller. 

Left to Right: Chocolate Berries, Double Espresso 
- Chocolate Berries: Cream finish. Deep burgundy/purple with brown undertones. 
- Double Espresso: Pearl finish. Deep brown with very fine silver shimmers. I honestly do not know when I would ever need to wear a deep brown lipstick.

The formulation of all these lipsticks are great, they go on smooth and opaque, and leaves a bit of a glossy sheen. I love how affordable these are and I think these are great lipsticks with tons of shades to choose from. Overall, I liked the natural/pinkish shades- my favorite in the collection is Naturally Chic- I like that its not super bright yet it gives your face some color (I can imagine wearing this as an everyday color to school). I personally did not really like the brown shades because I feel like it doesn't go well with my complexion or my style- but perhaps others may like these warmer shades. (Funny tidbit) When I was swatching the brown shades, I thought to myself- what a gorgeous eyeshadow palette these colors would make! The rose gold, copper, deep purple, and deep brown seriously looked like beautiful eyeshadow swatches on my arm. 

Let me know what you guys thought of the lipsticks and which one was your favorite? 

Until next time...


Milani products can be purchased at: CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart, and

*Disclaimer: Products were provided for review. Opinions are 100% my own. I am not affiliated w/ the company. 

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