Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Best friend's birthday party

Hey loves,

Once again, I am procrastinating doing my english essay :P sooo i decided to make a new post! On sunday 2/28, it was my bestfriend Ally's birthday and she has a potluck birthday party at her house :P It was fun we ate guacamole, spaghetti, chicken, lumpia, and ice creamm! yum, and we played games like Apples to Apples, Quelf, and Monopoly Deal something i forgot the name but its not the same as regular monopoly :P i really liked it, i usually hate board games or card games but yea i got addicted ^^ I got her this as her present :

The too faced glamour to go lll palette! :D I super love love love it and I got one for myself as well, I'll put both this one and the one below in one of my Favorites videos soon :P These shadows are all raelly shimmery and like in a way almost glittery, i love how there is a bright purple color and a navy blue but theres also neutral colors like that beautiful taupe color and a really nice brownish/plum. The blush as you guys can see is brighter and darker pink than the palette below.

I also got myself a Too faced glamour to go ll palette too hehehe :] I'm addicted to these convenient little palettes! This one is less shimmery, its more like satin finish, and has more neutral colors :]

love love love them bothh!! <3 <3 you can get them at sephora or ulta :]



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  1. Hi sweetie! Yaay a new post! You should post more often ^_^