Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Romantic Lace Nails and Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Hey loves,

Its been a while since I've blogged! It spring break yayy and yesterday I just had 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted :[ It was scarey but my doctor was super nice and it did not hurt until after. Pain killers are my friend :P LOL I'm trying to- as my boyfriend calls it "man up", and not take pain killers but eventually I just take them -_-" Its miserable I tell ya, I'm all swollen and such but I'm glad I got it over with, my boyfriend is being super supportive and making me feel better :P

So the other day I did a tutorial on this nail design:

The color is: OPI- done out in deco and i used Konad to make those cute laceys :]

I'll upload the video tomorrow! :D



  1. i hope you feel better soon, i know how painful it was to take mine out! are you going to get the other 6 out also? the nails are very nice! love the color kathleen! :)

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    Very pretty nails.
    If you were a man, the 'man up' comment would have been ok. :) Tell him to birth a child. LOL.
    I'll be following you,

  3. thanks caitlin! :] <3 nope, these two are the only two i'll have to take out (thank goodness!)

  4. thanks susies! <3 LOL haha you are so funny! :P